Book A Meeting To Continue

Thank you for your interest in the CDAP. In order to proceed, please book a meeting with our Account Executive, Justin so we can discuss the next steps together.

Our next steps include the following:

  • Setting up a meeting with Justin.
  • Understanding your business goals.
  • Preparing your $15,000 grant application.
  • Getting started on your digital marketing strategy.


  • Application submission: 2 hours
  • Approval process: 1 week
  • Strategy development: 6-8 weeks

What To Expect From This Call?

What to expect in this call:

  • Overview of the CDAP program.
  • Guide on how to secure the grant.
  • High-level business overview to understand if Loop is the right fit for your business.


To make the most of our call, we suggest preparing by:

  • Having a good understanding of your business history.
  • Being ready to discuss your current status.
  • Describing your goals for the future.
  • Discussing how technology can help you achieve your goals.


This information lets us determine how Loop can best support your business.