Commonly known as SEO, this is your natural ranking on Google & Bing. This is an extremely effective way of getting in front of more customers but it takes time to rank properly.


We use a balance of modern techniques to identify the right keywords to target for every industry. By focussing on a combination of on-page(website) optimizations & off-page optimizations we are able to get your business displaying for the right searches that will get your phones ringing.

Statistically speaking, the first place people go when they need a new service, product, etc is Google. They type their search in before they ask their spouse, friend, or family. Businesses that rank naturally(free search instead of paid ads) have a significantly higher trust level from consumers.

Our SEO strategy is systematic, modern, and compliant with regulating entities. You’ll love having consistent leads coming in where you do not need to spend on every single click. Here is a brief overview of the process we take to raise our clients online presence to the top of Google for the keywords that make them money.
  • Learn

    We’ll work with you to identify your target keywords that will lead to more business. Using internal software to identify estimated search volumes and potential ROI.

  • Create

    Once we identify your keywords, we will see who is currently ranked at the top of results for them. Crafting a strategy of how we will overtake them.

  • Execute

    Next, We build your keyword strategy & write the ads. This is where we also install proper tracking mechanisms to ensure your leads are converting.

  • Evaluate

    Reporting & Data tracking is key, the longer we manage the ads, the more we can save you per click by identifying high value search terms.

Try our FREE website & industry analysis to find out what keywords will work for your business. We’ll also send you how many people are searching in your area!

A few clients have worked with

  • Peace Power
  • 2G Fitness
  • Alberta ENT
  • Ampersand 27
  • Aria MD Sleep Centre
  • Belvan Construction
  • Browns Socialhouse
  • Chianti Cafe
  • Duggins Painting & Decorating
  • Fussy Cleaning Services
  • The Lawnmower Hospital
  • Melody Audiology
  • Michael Homes
  • Packrat Louie
  • Pure Benefits & Insurance

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stop wondering what’s happening with your marketing & start knowing.

We follow your customer from the first time they see you, to when they are ready to buy, we even take it a step further and incentivize that customer to share their experience with everyone they know.

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