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What is SEO?

Simplified, SEO is getting your website to appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Today, Google uses a complex process of over 200 different factors to decide which website should “win” the top search result for all kinds of different keywords and queries, including site authority, security, backlinks, and more. In fact, no single Google employee understands the entire process from end to end. To make sure it is YOUR business that earns that top spot, our professional team of SEO experts use an integrated and holistic approach to building high-quality content for your ideal markets. We view the Search Engine Optimization process through the lens of your target audience.

This includes analyzing what they are searching for, why they are searching for it, their stage in the buyer’s journey, and how they come into contact with your business.

Why Does SEO Matter For Your Business?

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People tend to trust organic search results even more than ads (but having both take up space on the SERP really helps!)

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Once you have ranked for your targeted keywords, it can be a source of constant traffic - and new prospects - to your website.

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Remember, ranking organically is free, though it takes some work to get there.

Our SEO Services are broken up into three major categories:

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On-Site Optimization

The process of optimizing the content on your web pages to rank higher on the search engine results page. This can be a time-consuming task, requiring lots of monitoring maintenance. Loop’s SEO Specialists can take care of these issues quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to.

Our On-Site SEO Mix

To achieve positive results, we use a wide array of strategies, tools, and techniques to improve and build the strength of your On-Site SEO content. Our goal is to improve your site’s ranking, and attract free organic traffic. These tools and techniques include but not limited to:

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO leverages other channels and actions on the internet that we can use to drive your search rankings up. At Loop, we understand that utilizing these channels can give you a competitive advantage, and we stay on top of industry updates and new strategies. We leverage a wide range of tools and techniques to ensure optimum results. These include:

Our Off-Site SEO Mix

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Local SEO

Even if your business only serves the local area, it is becoming increasingly important to integrate your physical location with your online one. Search engines also account for geographical locations of web searches, and it is vital that you are taking advantage of this. This can be done in a variety of ways, including an up-to-date GoogleMyBusiness account, making entries into local directories, managing your reviews, and properly incorporating your address and location content into your website. To ensure your business gets the local attention it needs, Loop is there to help.

Our Local SEO Mix

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Our SEO Process

Learn & Understand

First, we evaluate your business’ needs, target audience, and preferences.

Analyze Your Competition

We then analyze what techniques high ranking competitors in your niche are using.

Site Audit & Strategy

Next, we do an extensive site audit of your current website, and create a strategy that will allow you to outrank your competitors.


We implement the strategy, and work with you to make any adjustments during execution.

Track & Improve

Finally, we monitor and update as needed (things always change) together with you.

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