Should you outsource your marketing department?

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Should you outsource your marketing department?

This is an interesting question and can change over time. Early on starting a business often have to wear multiple hats, and marketer may be one of those roles. As the business grows, usually it is not economical to hire a marketing coordinator or entry-level marketer as one of your first hires. At this time, it may make sense to outsource some of your marketing to an Agency. When the business reaches a stage where it’s necessary to have someone in-house, you can either add additional areas of focus for the marketing team/outsourced agency or go entirely in-house with your marketing department.

As your in-house team grows, it is usually best to hire an outsourced team that can own specific areas such as your paid advertising funnel.

Every business is different, if you’d like to build out a marketing department strategy that will work for the stage you’re at, let us know.

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